Newborn vs premie onesie – how cute is that?

The premie sleeper is as big as the newborn onesie!

11 days old – 910g (loss of 50g – puzzling since he’s been eating like a champ – the nurse figures it was a difference in weighing ‘techniques’)

Feeding: 9ml of breast milk every 2 hours – he will go up to 10ml tonight – if he’s still good by tomorrow morning than the IV nutrition (TPN) will stop tomorrow.

Quiet day for Jack today (don’t get me wrong – that’s a good thing) – he spent most of the afternoon sleeping – received some more chest physio which generated some good mucous to be suctioned.

The biggest excitement for the day was when I got to change my very first diaper – my very first poopy diaper to be exact!  This is a group of photos that I’ll pull out for his graduation or wedding day for sure….

He also had a visit from his (auntie) Mariko – who – assures me that she never says a baby is cute – unless they are actually cute – I guess that means Jack is cute!

Steve finished off the day with a cuddle for his little boy.

Tomorrow will be another late day as I have to take the car in and have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon – so apologies ahead of time for a late blog.